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New Mod (me)



Hi all.

For those who don't know me, I'm Kazzy - your newest mod. I've been a member since the very first comp - way back in 2006 - when we started with wiccagal_1996. If you want to see something really scary, check out our very first batch of icons. And I've been here with the lovely casey_bee and nightbeast, who did an outstanding job - and hopefully will stick around. :)

Now, here it is for you, kids. I can't do this long term, regularly. I'm just too busy. I will post a challenge when I can, but I'd love some help in any capacity you can offer from making/digging up images to posting challenges when I can't to making winners banners.


I will post a challenge tomorrow! \o/ And I'm looking forward to seeing lots of lovely work from you all. Oh, and tell your friends we're back in business - some new blood never hurt. :)
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