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New Mod (me)



Hi all.

For those who don't know me, I'm Kazzy - your newest mod. I've been a member since the very first comp - way back in 2006 - when we started with wiccagal_1996. If you want to see something really scary, check out our very first batch of icons. And I've been here with the lovely casey_bee and nightbeast, who did an outstanding job - and hopefully will stick around. :)

Now, here it is for you, kids. I can't do this long term, regularly. I'm just too busy. I will post a challenge when I can, but I'd love some help in any capacity you can offer from making/digging up images to posting challenges when I can't to making winners banners.


I will post a challenge tomorrow! \o/ And I'm looking forward to seeing lots of lovely work from you all. Oh, and tell your friends we're back in business - some new blood never hurt. :)
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Yay! I'm so glad to see this place picking back up. SAS is what got me hooked on making graphics.

I'd volunteer to help out if I didn't have such an unpredictable schedule/scatterbrain. I've actually had to bow out of a few responsibilities for the summer. If you get very hard up, I'd be willing to lend a hand occasionally, but I'm really unreliable for timing.
SAS has a special place in my heart. It was my first ever comp - and I can remember being blown over when I placed my first time around. I've watched this com grow from when we were mostly frightening bad to some truly beautiful work. And I've always loved the creativity that we have produced. :)

I don't suppose you can point me in the direction of some good places to get caps. Turns out most of my sources have dried up. :/
Yeah, I had the same thing happen to me. :D

Try here: http://tragicalhistorytour.com/ They've got all sorts of caps, behind the scenes, and promo images, including non-Who-related pics of the cast.
Ah, awesome. Thank you! :)
I'm so glad SaS is back again :) Welcome new mod :)
Thank you! :)